Cakes are the most popular desserts in the world and so loved by all residents of the UAE.

Delicious pastries with raisins, nuts and candied fruits are nice to please your loved ones on weekdays or holidays. And the process of creating a treat can be made easier if among your bakeware there is a cake pan from Fissman Online store. Large and small, made of metal and silicone, stainless steel, round and rectangular – our store offers cake pans of any shape and size for equally high-quality and fast baking. Create your own cake recipes, and we will help you to choose the right cake pan with the best price and delivery to any city in the UAE. Cook smart with Fissman!

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Cake pans with non-stick coating

Springform pan 30×6.8 cm DARK-GREY (carbon steel with non-stick coating)

AED 27.00

Springform pan 28×6.8 cm DARK-GREY (carbon steel with non-stick coating)

AED 24.00

Springform pan 26×6.8 cm DARK-GREY (carbon steel with non-stick coating)

AED 23.00

Springform pan 24×6.8 cm DARK-GREY (carbon steel with non-stick coating)

AED 22.00

Springform pan 22×6.8 cm DARK-GREY (carbon steel with non-stick coating)

AED 20.00
Cake pans with non-stick coating

Springform pan 20×6.8 cm DARK-GREY (carbon steel with non-stick coating)

AED 19.00
Silicone cake mould

Round Cake pan with silicone sides & bottom of heat resistant glass

AED 40.00

Cake pan PIANA heart-shape with lock

AED 26.00

Springform pan with non-stick coating

AED 18.00

Round cake pan non-stick coated with lock

AED 21.00

Round cake pan non-stick coated with lock

AED 18.00


Cake pans are a cook’s best friend. As every baker knows, cakes are not meant to bake just on their own- you need the perfect equipment to make baking a breeze. Cake pans come in all shapes and sizes, material and texture. It is easy to bake using cake pans since they heat up faster than regular sheet pans and make it easier to remove the cakes you have baked from it. They are usually made of high-quality materials, which greatly smoothens the baking process. Cake pans also greatly distribute heat throughout the area where the batter is placed.

Cake pans are an essential kitchen utensil that every baker requires. If you bake cakes, muffins, and other desserts regularly, then you should have a few cake pans to be in your collection of kitchen utensils. Using the correct size will make your pan easy to clean, with none of your delicacies getting in the way. When selecting your Cake Pans, FISSMAN offers you the largest selection of high-quality Bakeware Products to fit almost any need.

Our professional cake pans are made of top-quality aluminum alloys with a high percentage content. Through the hardening and annealing process, most of the impurities are filtered out. These cake pans have a smooth surface, making them easy to release once baked. Pans’ sidewalls can also be released easily. They will not stick or burn and are safe to use. The unique design makes it easy to carry, flip and remove cakes from the pan without having to flip the pan itself. This means cakes can be placed directly onto a serving platter after baking instead of using an extra cake pan.

FISSMAN cake pans come in a variety of sizes to meet any baking need, as well as different shapes and colors. These cake pans are rust-resistant, have extra thick-walled sides that distribute heat quickly and evenly, have strong steel construction that prevents warping, come with a removable bottom for easy cleanup and meet health regulations so they are safe for use in all establishments.

Cake pans are an excellent way to turn a simple batter into a delicious dessert. Having the right pan can make all the difference between a cake that is golden brown and fluffy or one that is pale and falling apart. Here at FISSMAN, we offer an incredible selection of cake pans to suit your needs. Whether you are a beginner or an expert baker, our selection of cake pans will have something special for everyone. Choose one and bake a cake in a fun and creative way!