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If you like drinking coffee enough to want it day after day, then you most likely have considered getting an automatic coffee machine. But do you know how many different types of them are there and which brand you should pick? Coffee makers can be intimidating, especially if you’re just beginning to learn about coffee. Coffee beans and roast levels but all that jargon is secondary to the basics of how coffee is made. Once you start with the basics, you can branch out to all the other fun stuff.

A coffee maker is an essential piece of equipment in any kitchen. At FISSMAN, we offer you stainless steel coffee makers, beautifully crafted in high-quality stainless steel. Our coffee maker has a beautiful design and comfortable handles. The upper part of the coffee maker can be used over the stove top on moderate heat. This has a tight lid that can be used to preserve cold fresh water for tea or cooling down already brewed coffee. They also contain a filter funnel for ground coffee that brews a perfect cup of instant coffee.

Each coffee maker brews one delicious cup in 4-5 minutes―no longer, no shorter. The smooth, clean-lined coffee makers are extremely durable, easy to clean and do not require any special care. They feature a drip-free, easy pour spout and include removable water reservoirs and convenient fill lines for brewing the perfect pot of coffee every time.

FISSMAN coffee makers contain an upper handle for the cold fresh water and a lower handle for hot boiled water making your coffee taste great. The plastic funnel insert on the top part can be removed and placed over the gas stovetop with no problem at all because it is safely screwed into the bottom part as well.

Designed for efficiency, these coffee makers allow for better control over a cup of coffee. It’s so easy to use you’ll be sharing it with all your friends and anyone who could use a great cup of coffee. And with its stainless-steel finish, it fits in seamlessly with today’s kitchen décor.

Create your coffee traditions with these sleekly designed FISSMAN coffeemakers. With the quality of the materials and detailed craftsmanship, it’s a great addition to any kitchen, and will quickly become a good friend for you. You’ll see how much time you save because of the special design that will allow for full immersion of ground coffee. Buy one today and make coffee at home, take to work or on the go!