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Before  buying a grill pans pay attention to what material it is made of. In the range of FISSMAN cookware you will find the most durable and reliable types of materials- cast iron and cast aluminum with non-stick coating.

The grooved bottom of the grill pan helps to use a minimum of oil during cooking and to get juicy meat steaksand fish bytes with delicious ruddy stripes.

The cast iron pan is equipped with sturdy cast handles – they are suitable for high temperatures, and such a pan can be used in the oven to deliver your steaks with desirable  level of doneness.

A grill pan with a removable handle will also cope with this task – it is compact and convenient, it fits easily in the oven and it is not difficult to find a place to store it.

Depending on which model of frying pan is more suitable for your kitchen, stove and oven, you can buy a grill pan in a round, square or rectangular shape. The cast iron is versatile and durable – it is suitable for any type of stove, baking in the oven and even for use on an open fire. The non-stick coated pans are suitable for any type of stoves – from gas to electric, as well as glass-ceramic and induction stoves.

Every FISSMAN products meets strict safety standards and tested for durability, so you can be sure that when choosing a FISSMAN cookware, you are choosing high quality and practicality products.

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Cast iron frying pans

Round grill press 24cm with bakelite knob (cast iron)

AED 77.00

Rectangular grill pan 325x27x4 cm (cast iron)

AED 128.00
Cast iron frying pans

Frying pan 16×3.8 cm (cast iron)

AED 36.00
Grill presses

Square grill press 21×21 cm with bakelite knob (cast iron)

AED 75.00
Grill pans

Grill pan 30×6.3 cm with helper handle (cast iron)

AED 136.00

Square grill pan 26×5.3 cm (cast iron)

AED 101.00

Grill pan 26×5.5 cm (cast iron)

AED 94.00

Square grill pan 26×4.5 cm with helper handle (cast iron)

AED 102.00
Grill pans

Grill pan 18×4.4 cm (cast iron)

AED 53.00
Grill pan

Fissman Grey Stone Square Grill Pan 28×4.3cm with induction bottom (aluminum with non-stick coating)

AED 115.00
Grill pan

Square grill pan GREY STONE 24×4 cm with induction bottom (aluminum with non-stick coating)

AED 99.00
Frying pan with detachable handle

Square grill pan REBUSTO 24×4 cm with detachable handle with induction bottom (aluminium with non-stick coating)

AED 116.00
Frying pan

Square grill pan LA GRANITE 28×4.5 cm with detachable handle and THERMIC point (aluminium with non-stick coating)

AED 132.00

ADVANTAGE OF USE GRILL PAN Have you heard about grill pans? It is a pan that allow you to cook with the same ease as a griddle/frying pan, but with the bonus of a grill on the top. This means you not only get an even cooking surface, but also the chance to build some beautiful grill marks into your food. Some grill pans have a removable handle and thermor sensor so you can cook your food at the perfect temperature. The cooking experience is more fun and free of greasy than the traditional non-stick pan. The advantages are plenty. Grill pans are a very important kitchen appliance. It doesn’t matter if you’re just cooking for yourself or having a party, it’s essential to have this trusty tool. Whether you are creating healthy breakfasts for the kids, or indulgent dinners on a night in, FISSMAN grill pans will make a stylish addition to your kitchen. Some grill pans come with a multi-layer non-stick coating and extra-strong build. The innovative griddled bottom and angled draining lip collects excess fat for healthy cooking without using oils and fats. Depending on the cooking space available, some pans has detachable handles. Our philosophy is to make our products practical, of high quality and attractive. We have created a unique range of products, combining revolutionary technology and design for ease of use, with fun and simple maintenance. FISSMAN griddle pan collection includes multipurpose griddles, stove top grill pans and removable handle grill pans . Shop today with FISSMAN and discover that grilling can be just as easy as turning on your oven.