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BAMBINO Saucepan with glass lid 14×6.5 cm / 0.9 LTR (stainless steel)

AED 35.00

Fissman Stainless Steel Sauce Pan BENJAMIN 16x75cm/1.5L with Glass Lid

AED 114.00

Saucepan BRILLIANT 16×7.5 cm / 1.3 LTR with detachable handle and glass lid (aluminum with non-stick coating)

AED 145.00
Saucepan without lid

Arielle Sauce Pan 16X8 cm / 1.5 Ltr Without Lid (Stainless Steel)

AED 43.00

Saucepan BAMBINO 12×6.0 cm / 0.6 LTR with glass lid (stainless steel)

AED 32.00

Saucepan MARTINEZ 14×7 cm / 1.1 LTR with glass lid (stainless steel)

AED 49.00

Sauce Pan MINI CHEF 12cm / 0.7 LTR (Blue/Pink/Violet) Color

AED 51.00

Sauce pan MOSSES STONE 16×8 cm / 1.5 LTR without glass lid with induction bottom (aluminium with non-stick coating)

AED 51.00

Saucepan BAIN-MARIE with whistling & double walls 14×11 cm / 1.1 LTR without lid (stainless steel)

AED 62.00
Saucepan bain-marie

Saucepan BAIN-MARIE with double walls 16×9.5 cm / 0.95 LTR without lid (stainless steel)

AED 57.00
Saucepan with lid

Sauce pan MALACHITE 16×7.8 cm / 1.4 LTR with glass lid with induction bottom (aluminium with non-stick coating)

AED 87.00

Sauce pan PROMO 16×8 cm / 1.5 LTR without lid (aluminium with non-stick coating)

AED 44.00
Saucepan with lid

Sauce pan ELEGANCE 16×8 cm / 1.6 LTR with glass lid. pouring lip and lid strainer (stainless steel)

AED 64.00

Saucepan BRIGITTE 16×7.5 cm / 1.4 LTR with glass lid (stainless steel)

AED 134.00

Saucepan MILLENIUM 16×9 cm / 1.5 LTR with glass lid (stainless steel)

AED 103.00

Sauce pan ARIELLE 14×7 cm / 1.0 LTR without lid (stainless steel)

AED 37.00

Sauce pan ARIELLE 12×6 cm / 0.6 LTR without lid (stainless steel)

AED 30.00
Milk mug

Milk pot 14×11 cm / 1.5 LTR (stainless steel)

AED 56.00

Sauce pan LATTE 16×8 cm / 1.5 LTR with glass lid (aluminium with non-stick coating)

AED 58.00

Sauce Pan VULCANO 16×8 cm with Glass Lid (aluminium with non-stick coating)

AED 70.00

Sauce pan with glass lid FIORE 16×8.5 cm / 1.45 LTR (aluminium with non-stick coating)

AED 69.00
Saucepan without lid

Sauce pan without lid FIORE 14×7.5 cm / 1.0 LTR (aluminium with non-stick coating)

AED 63.00

Sauce pan MOON STONE 18×9 cm / 2.2 LTR with glass lid (aluminium with non-stick coating)

AED 67.00


Saucepans and sauciers are versatile types of kitchenware that come in a wide range of sizes. These pots and pans can be used for cooking sauces, warming food, and boiling water for tea and coffee. We use pans and saucepans all the time in the kitchen and your ideal goal should be to get some that are of good quality, durable, comfortable and easy to clean. Whilst researching online, you may come across saucepans and sauciers by different brands. However, you should be careful to make sure the type you get has everything you need for cooking at home and make your meals taste better and they do not stick or burn food.

FISSMAN saucepans bring your cooking alive with the performance you expect and look great in any kitchen. Made with quality materials, expert workmanship and exceptional performance, there’s a saucepan for every task. Add elegance to your kitchen with the FISSMAN stainless steel saucepans and sauciers. The 3-ply disc base is heat resistant and offers even heating.

These stainless-steel saucepans and Sauciers set have a heat resistant stainless steel knob and comfortable stainless-steel grip handle which stay cool when cooking. Use the pan to make sauces, boil eggs, steam food or even boil water. The practical design makes these saucepans suitable for both everyday use and special occasions requiring stainless steel cookware.

FISSMAN collection of quality saucepans and sauciers are designed to complement any kitchen. The durable aluminium professional coating ensures long-lasting ease of use and eliminates the need for seasoning. Each pan includes a transparent glass lid that allows you to keep an eye on your cooking. They are all in a different size which makes them unique, fun and attractive.

Keep your food separate with the stylish and reliable range of saucepans and sauciers. These saucepans have been coated with a non-stick coating making them easy to clean. This smooth internal coating with a superior non-stick inner surface will enable you to prepare delicious meals effortlessly. They are also durable and lightweight, perfect for any cooking. Another advantage of getting a quality set from FISSMAN is that it’s resistant to high temperatures, corrosion and they retain heat well.

The versatile FISSMAN saucepans and sauciers collection can be used for commercial cooking in the best restaurants as well as at home. These beautiful pieces of cookware are sure to add a touch of style to your kitchen. We have a wide variety of unique coloured saucepans that go from traditional colors to playful and fun colors. We want to create an atmosphere in your kitchen where kids and adults can spend quality time preparing and cooking amazing food together.

Find your perfect fit for your kitchen no matter what your style is with our range of saucepans and sauciers. Discover a variety of colorful saucepans from FISSMAN. The perfect addition to your kitchen is waiting in our collection. shop now and add warmth to your cooking with these saucepans and saucers.