Start earning with FISSMAN – get cashback in UAE Dirhams to your bank card from purchases based on your recommendation. FISSMAN company launches an affiliate program, in which you will be given 10% cashback on purchases based on your recommendation, and those to whom you recommended will receive a 5% discount on purchases in our online store!

Do you want to get cashback?

All you have to do is join our partnership program. Registration will take two minutes!

How to get rewarded:

  1. After registration you will find a link or promo code in the “Partnership program” tab.
  2. Share a link. Copy the link or promo code and share it with your friends. You can use the most convenient way for sharing – email, social networks or messengers.
  3. Your friends will get a 5% discount, and you will get 10% cashback for every order they buy.
  4. Our partnership program is simple and transparent. No any additional actions required.

Questions and answers about the partner program

How do I get rewarded?

Just register an account with Fissman Partnership Program. The discount link for your friends will be available immediately. Send a link or promo code to any person and start getting rewarded for all their purchased orders!
Under the terms of the program, the minimum withdrawal amount is 100 AED, and you can get a reward to your Bank card within 3 weeks after purchase.

How do I get an affiliate link or promo code?

Just register on the site. After that, you will only need to go to your Personal account on the “Affiliate program” tab – there you will find a link and a promo code.

How do I track the amount of accruals from my links?

Go to the “Partner program” tab – “Partner account” in your personal account. You will see the date of your friends ‘ purchase and the amount of your cashback.

How do I view all accruals and actions?

Go to the “Partner program” tab – “Internal account” in your personal account. There you can view your transaction history.

How do I find out the cashback balance and withdraw it?

On the “Partner program” – “Internal account” tab, you can see how much you can withdraw. You only need to click on the “Withdraw” button and specify the card number.

  • The minimum withdrawal amount of 100 AED.
  • Maximum withdrawal amount: 1500 AED
  • Bank Commission for withdrawal: 5%
  • Withdrawal period: from 1 to 7 days.
  • To withdraw, click the “Withdraw” button and enter the card number

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