One of the most enjoyable conveniences of online shopping with FISSMAN is the opportunity to process payment at any time and from any place and to receive the goods in front of an apartment soon. The goods will be sent to the Customer on the condition of 100% prepayment. There are the following payment methods available in our online store:

1. Online transaction by credit/debit card                      


2. Bank wire transfer according to an invoice                   


3. Cash on delivery.                                                                                               
Credit/debit card on delivery.



  1. Payment by credit/debit card online

You can pay directly online by credit card.

How to pay by credit card online:

  • Fill in a card number, a cardholder’s name, and a security code from the back of a card.
  • The payment is secure,  your transmitted data are protected with a SSL certificate.

Please check out in advance the daily payment limits of your bank for online banking.

Attention! Online payment by credit/debit card is possible only if a secure service that allows you to protect your online purchases (MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa) is activated. . Once you've entered the data, you will be automatically prompted by your financial institution at checkout to provide your SecureCode and confirm your identity. If your payment fails and you receive an error message, you should contact the customer service number of your bank or choose another payment method.

  1. To complete the bank transfer form of wire transfer you need to put in the following details:

Recipient’s name: SIA „FISSMAN“

Purpose of payment:
(Please indicate the number of an order only. Otherwise it may take longer to process your order. Thank you for understanding!)

Order number: XXXXXXXX


A/S: LV26RIKO0000085032941

Recipient's bank name: Luminor Bank AS


Reg. number: 40103968866

VAT number: LV40103968866

Legal address: Mazā Krasta iela 83, Rīga, LV-1003, Latvija

  1. Card payment on delivery

You can use your credit or debit card at the time of delivery to make the payment.

Pay by credit card for the following delivery methods:

  • Receive an order in the online store – Mazā krasta iela 83, RĪGA

Please consult with your card issuer about your daily spending limit for your debit card.

b> Cash payment on delivery

We accept cash payment for goods.

  • Receive an order in the online store – Mazā krasta iela 83, RĪGA

How to make a payment:

1.     Add an item to your shopping cart. To view the items you’ve previously placed in your cart, select the ‘Shopping cart’ icon. Check out the selected items, quantity and the total amount.

2.     On the right side fill in your details to make a payment. Fill in all required fields:

·         First and last name

·         Email

·         Phone number

·         Delivery address

3.     Select delivery method.

4.     Select payment method.

5.     Once all the fields are filled in and the total amount is correct, press the button «Confirm order», you will be redirected to a new page ‘Checkout’.

6.     If you’ve selected the payment method ’By credit/debit card online’, you’ll see your order number, order details and payment button.  Press the button ‘Pay order’ and fill in the card details: a number, a card holder’s name and security code from the back of the card. You may be redirected to a security page to confirm your identity.  

7.     After payment press the button ‘Back to the store’, you’ll be redirected to and you’ll check a number and status of the order..

8.     You will receive a confirmation email once the order has been preceeded.

If for any reason you are not able to pay now, you can do it later clicking on the link from the email. The payment link is valid for 3 days from the date of receipt.

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