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Reasons To Add Cinnamon to Your Coffee

Reasons To Add Cinnamon to Your Coffee

If you’re looking for something different rather than cappuccino or espresso, try a new twist with a dash of cinnamon. It not only enriches your coffee taste, but gives you these amazing benefits.

1.Your Coffee Will Taste Better

Cinnamon in your coffee will alter its taste—but it won’t leave you with the typical taste of most coffee additives.
It will increase the sweetness without adding any sugars.

2.You’ll Increase Your Antioxidants

Antioxidants are usually associated with berries and fruits, but cinnamon packs a surprising amount of these helpful molecules.

Antioxidants help to rid of free radicals in our body that can cause cell damage, arthritis, and even cancer. Antioxidants help to rid our bodies of free radicals.

This diet-friendly spice is extremely healthy because of its high antioxidant content. Did you know that only one teaspoon of cinnamon contains as many antioxidants as half a cup of blueberries?

3.Cinnamon Is Great For Your Brain

Cinnamon in addition with caffeine improves your brain’s cognitive processing, spur brain function altogether, and help you master your visual and motor responses.

Even smelling cinnamon helps to improve your processing capabilities—and ingesting the spice is even more beneficial.

4.Cinnamon Lowers Your Blood Sugar

Cinnamon benefits your health by slowing blood sugar spikes after eating, improving the body’s insulin effectiveness, and preventing and soothing inflammation in tissues and joints.

5.Cinnamon Can Soothe Cold Symptoms

Hot drinks are a great way to soothe a sore throat, and cinnamon only enhances that pain-relieving quality. 

Drinking cinnamon in a warm beverage such as coffee opens and clears the sinuses and reduces mucus production—two of the most annoying symptoms of the common cold. situation.

6.It Helps You Lose Weight

Caffeine is a natural appetite suppressant. It naturally helps your body deter feelings of hunger, which is likely to lead you to eat fewer calories throughout the day. 

And as cinnamon helps regulate your insulin levels naturally, it prevents hunger and the urge to snack even more than regular coffee can.

7.Cinnamon Is Good for Your Heart

Cinnamon lowers the harmful triglycerides that cause clogged arteries and other heart-related health problems by as much as 30 percent.

8.Cinnamon Is Full of Vitamins & Nutrients

Finally, along with all of the other helpful and healthy ingredients and attributes within cinnamon, It actually contains a great number of beneficial vitamins and minerals. 

One tablespoon of cinnamon holds 4 grams of fiber, 68% of your daily manganese, 8% of your daily calcium, 4% of your daily iron, and 3% of your daily dose of vitamin K. 

How do you prefer your coffee?

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